Phillips Computer Services (PCS) of Macon, Georgia services home, small/medium businesses in Bibb and surrounding counties. With over 20 years of computer experience we offer exclusive onsite services to meet your PC needs.


SERVICES - By Appointment

House Call Base Rate - Let us come to you for your computer needs. This is our base rate for House Calls and diagnostics. $40/Visit.

Computer Installation - Got a new computer sitting there in the box it came in? Let us set it up for you. $50/Computer.

Software Installation - Office, Antivirus, Email, Games, and other software installed. $20/Application.

Operating System Install - In the event of a hard drive failure or extremely damaging viruses, sometimes the operating system gets very damaged and must be reinstalled. Also, see Data Restoration. $70/Install.

Network Installation - DSL/Cable setup, router security configuration, wireless devices installation. $80 Base + $25 per Device.

Hardware Installation - Hard Drives, CD/DVD Drives, Modems, Network Cards, Video Cards, Power Supplies, Memory (RAM) and other internal components. Starting at $20 per item.

Virus/Malware/Spyware Removal - Computer running slow or unresponsive? It may be malicious programs hogging your system's resources. This is an offsite services and usually requires a day or two to complete depending on how deeply infected the system. $20.00 per Item Removal. Bulk Discount Available.

Data Backup Archival - Digital pictures, music, emails, internet favorites, and all your important files. Preserve and safeguard them from hard drive crashes or viruses. If the system is severely damaged and won't start up, we may still be able to rescue your data. $70 Base + $5/Disc.

Data Restoration/Transfer - Once we've archived your data it can be restored to the same computer or another device. $70 Base.

Digital Image Processing - Digital images, photographs and slides can be imported and restored to their former glory and beauty. Let us correct water damage, tack marks, tape marks, scratches, fading, skin blemishes, color shift, poor lighting, and much more. Starting at $50/hour.

Web Design and Alteration - Need help making a website? We can customize it to your needs. If you have an existing site that needs updating or changing we can do that also. Starting at $50/hour.

Video Editing - Home movies, weddings, and other material that you own the copyright. Video from video cameras, personal DVD/CD/VCDs, flash memory, hard drives (mp4, avi, mov, and others) is edited to your needs. Your equipment and original media is returned to you. Starting at $80.

Audio Transfer/Restoration - Need your CDs or Audio Cassettes transferred to your iPod or other media library? We can clean and enhance audio also. $10/CD, $20/tape.

Tutoring - From beginner to more advanced computer topics we answer your questions and provide one-on-one tutoring on a variety of computer subjects. $50-$80/hour.

Custom Systems Design - Want a computer designed to your needs? Tell us what you want and we'll customize a system for you. Most parts are ordered at system design time to ensure up-to-date technology. This includes an Operating System Install. $150

Systems Streamline - Most computers come with a lot of trial software and manufacturer applications that can drastically slow down your computer. Streamlining the system allows your computer to use more of it's resources for your applications and games. $50/hour.

Phone Support - Got questions? We can answer them over the phone too. With remote machine access we can do some of our services remotely also. $50/hour.

Programming - Need custom application software coded for your Windows based system? Currently programming in Visual Basic.

All prices are generalized estimates and may be more or less depending on the situation.






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